Located in Riverview, Florida, at 10940 McMullen Rd., Bell Creek Nature Preserve is a 477-acre preserve perfect for hiking, walking, or simply taking a break. It features a Red Trail, Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve, and facilities for the entire family. Here is a closer look at the preserve’s amenities and nearby attractions. Click here for additional info.

Red Trail

A visit to the Red Trail at Bell Creek Nature Preserve is a great way to get your family outdoors and enjoy the Florida sunshine. The preserve is a 477-acre preserve located in Riverview, Florida. You can get there by car, bus, or foot. Red Trail is open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can expect to see a wide variety of wildlife, including deer, otters, and wild turkey.

A 4-77-acre preserve that is home to many species of local wildlife and designated fishing outlets. A hiking trail system crisscrosses the preserve’s pine flatwoods, marshes, and swamps. Hikers can follow the signs that mark the trails. The preserve has several interpretive signs indicating which trails are for beginners and advanced hikers. The trails are designated by color.

Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve

For a beautiful nature preserve in Florida, you must check out the 477-acre Balm Boyette Scrub. Located at 10940 McMullen Rd. in Riverview, FL, you will find this wonderful natural attraction. Whether you’re looking to spend an afternoon observing wildlife, or you’re in search of a peaceful place to meditate, this nature preserve will surely please your soul.

Hikers who want to explore this beautiful Florida nature preserve can enjoy its varied terrain. There are over 40 kilometers of trails for hiking and mountain biking, with 25 miles of trails specifically designed for mountain biking. The trails are maintained by the local mountain biking association, which allows cyclists to have an excellent experience without the hassle of crowds. For those who want to go biking or mountain climbing, you can try Balm Boyette Scrub, a 25-minute drive away from Riverview.

At 3.7 miles, you’ll reach the northwest corner of the preserve. To the left is a pine plantation, and straight ahead are intermittent clearings. The trail continues along a service road, passing intermittent clearings and a pine plantation, until it reaches 4.1 miles, where it turns southeast on another service road and descends into the wetland forest surrounding Bell Creek. The road is elevated, so that it stays dry. Browse around this site.

Distance from downtown Riverview

If you want to find the distance from your house to downtown Riverview, you have two options: driving or taking public transit. Both options are convenient, but driving can be expensive, especially if you don’t have a car. The distance between Riverview and Tampa is 15 miles. Once known as Peru, the town was founded on the north shore of the Alafia River. This town grew quickly and today, the population is over 71,000. It’s located south of Tampa and is accessible by U.S. Highway 301.

If you want to travel outside of Riverview, you can head to nearby cities. Savannah is about 2 hours and 30 minutes away. Jacksonville is only an hour away, and Ocala is about one hour away. You can also find restaurants within a twenty-mile radius of Riverview. A trip to these larger cities is an excellent idea if you’re in the mood for a day trip. Just be sure to check the conditions of the roads in your area before setting off.

Facilities at Bell Creek Nature Preserve

The Bell Creek Nature Preserve is a 477-acre natural reserve located at 10940 McMullen Road in Riverview, Florida. You can enjoy the preserve and its many activities by taking a boat ride and exploring the surrounding nature. You can also find camping and picnic areas nearby. Here are some tips on how to enjoy this natural preserve:

The Bell Creek Nature Preserve is located on 477 acres east of McMullen Road and south of Boyette Road in Riverview, Florida. The preserve features a trail system that takes you through different habitats, including scrub habitat with endangered Florida golden aster. There are also classrooms and a habitat education garden, as well as a lake for kayaking lessons. If you’re planning a family picnic, you’ll want to plan your day around the various activities offered at the nature preserve.

If you’re looking for a family adventure, there’s something for everyone at Bell Creek Nature Preserve. The hiking trails are great for any level of skill. If you’re a photographer, there are several great photo opportunities throughout the preserve. If you’re looking for a little more adventure, head to the nearby Triple Creek Nature Preserve and Balm-Boyette Scrub, which rest on 969 acres. Check out the next article.

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