Xscape Theatres Riverview 14 Riverview, FL 

Free Thursday movies are a great way to spend a family day out at Xscape Theatres Riverview 14. The theatre is open on weekends and offers a variety of movies for all ages. You can even watch a movie on a 60-foot curved wall-to-wall screen for an extra-special experience. If you’re in the mood for a matinee, you’ll want to check out the extended concession menu, as well as the premium amenities. Click here for more info.

Free movies on Thursdays

Xscape Theatres is now open at 6135 Valleydale Drive, Riverview FL. It features 14 screens, a wall-to-wall curved screen, expanded concessions, and even wine and beer! Thursdays at Xscape are perfect family movie nights. On Thursdays, you can watch a free movie! If you’d like to see a new movie for free, you should go during the summer months!

The new Goodrich Riverview 14 GDX opened last Thursday. The movie theater, which is west of Interstate 75 on Gibsonton Road, opened to rave reviews, selling out nearly 1,300 tickets in two hours. The theater offers reclining seating and a Dolby ATMOS sound system. It also features a rewards program and offers discount all-day tickets. For those concerned about safety, the movie theater offers a quiet room with an aisle seat. See more!

Extended concession menu

The newest cinema in Riverview, FL, opened on November 16, 2016. This fourteen-screen complex will offer premium amenities like a wall-to-wall curved screen, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and an expanded concession menu. The Xscape Riverview will offer a variety of food and drink options, including beer and wine. It is expected to attract more than 500,000 guests a year.

The Xscape Theatres have an extended concession menu for your moviegoing pleasure. The theater offers a full range of movie snacks, including gourmet popcorn and gourmet pretzel bites. It also offers alcoholic beverages and offers a variety of other luxuries. The extended concession menu at the Xscape Theatres Riverview 14 is an ideal way to enjoy a movie in a new setting. 

Premium amenities

Xscape Theatres has opened a new 14-screen cinema in Riverview, FL, at 6135 Valleydale Drive. This venue offers premium amenities, including a 60-foot curved wall-to-wall screen, a Dolby Atmos Digital Sound System, and expanded concessions. The theatre has a full-service bar, beer, and wine. A special concessions menu is available for those who would like to order food or beverages.

Xscape Theatres Riverview 14 offers an upscale moviegoing experience in a relaxing setting. The theater offers comfortable leather seats with attached snack trays. Guests can order popcorn, soft drinks, and pretzel bites from the Xtreme food and beverage menu. There is also a bar and lounge area with alcoholic beverages. The theater is a good choice for summer family outings.

60-foot curved wall-to-wall screen

Xscape Theatres Riverview 14 is a new fourteen-screen movie theater in Riverview, FL. The cinema opened on November 18 and features premium amenities. A 60-foot curved wall-to-wall screen and Dolby Atmos surround sound system are just some of the features the new movie theater has to offer. The theater is also expanding its concessions menu and adding beer and wine to the mix.

The new Xscape Cinema will focus on major studio films and not independent movies. The movie theater will have a curfew of nine p.m., so that parents and children can watch their favorite films in peace. In addition to the Xscape Theatres Riverview 14, Goodrich Quality Theaters is also opening a new movie theater in the area. The Goodrich Riverview 14 GDX is just four miles away and will open in November. Discover more interesting article.

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